Unwind, Twine and Dine with Catriona Pollard

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Time: 10.00am - 2.00pm
Date: 15 August 2018
What's Included: All materials, a gourmet lunch with wine and panoramic views of Sydney Harbour.


Sit by Sydney Harbour, eat gourmet food, drink fabulous wine and learn the ancient art of basketry with celebrated fibre artist Catriona Pollard. How relaxing does that sound!

In this unique workshop you will tap into your creativity and learn the technique of twining using beautiful sea grass cord.

Included in this event is a gourmet lunch with wine and all the materials you will need to learn how to create a work of art using your hands and imagination.

Suitable for beginners or those with basketry skills, learn how to create something lovely using just your hands and imagination. By the end of the experience you will have a sculptural basket and a deeper connection to your creativity and the ancient art of weaving.

Catriona Pollard’s unique sculptural work offers glimpses of shapeshifting natural forms, from unnoticed branches, leaves and seedpods into stunning works that celebrate the abundance of nature. She’s had numerous solo exhibitions and exhibited extensively in selected and group exhibitions is featured in nationally in galleries, high end design spaces and private collections.

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