christine ManfieldChristine Manfield is one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs – a curious cook and a perfectionist inspired by the culinary melting pot of global flavours. As an award-winning author, her books – A Personal Guide to India & Bhutan, Dessert Divas, Tasting India, Fire, Spice, Stir, Paramount Cooking and Paramount Desserts have spiced up the lives of keen cooks everywhere. She regularly contributes food and travel features to magazines.

As one of Australia’s leading culinary ambassadors, her professional culinary life as restaurateur culminated in three ground breaking, highly acclaimed restaurants: Paramount in Sydney 1993 to 2000, East@West in London 2003 to 2005 and Universal 2007 to 2013.

Her diverse work portfolio includes mentoring and collaborating with chefs and industry colleagues, hosting pop-up events in Australia and overseas, national judge for the Delicious Produce Awards and the Electrolux Appetite for Excellence Young Restaurateur Awards and Brand Ambassador for Byron Bay Cookies – developing new flavours to broaden their range and profile. She is also Food Director at Pearl Catering with a strong commitment to creative innovation and excellence.

A love of spices and an understanding of the home cook’s need for authentically-flavoured, simple, sustaining food led Christine to develop the Christine Manfield Spice Collection range of spice pastes and condiments – widely available at retail stores throughout Australia (since 1999).

An inveterate traveller, Christine continues to broaden her global interests, hosting bespoke gastronomic tours to exotic destinations including India, Africa, Bhutan, France, SE Asia, Italy, South America and Tasmania.

Her Classes

All things Bombay with Fiona Caulfield and Christine Manfield

All things Bombay with Fiona Caulfield and Christine Manfield